Fleek! is a little 8 page minicomic, a junkyard story featuring the whole gang.  It’s a nonsense story about the nature of language, it was co-written by Jeff Lilly, and it’s one of my favorites.  Page 1 is here.


Birds in a Sluddle

This minicomic was tied for First Place in the Best Minicomic category in the SPACE Prizes awarded at the SPACE convention in 2015.  It’s a favorite of mine as well– a library comic with a werewolf transformation, a story-within-a-story, and some classic Iowa/Professor interactions.

If you’d like to read it, and find out where it came from, click here.



Tonbo is one of my very favorite Kekionga short stories.  It was originally published as half of the minicomic called the  Kekionga Bug Book back in 2006.  I think it captures the spirit of Kekionga as a place while giving, in ten pages, a portrait of Jack and glimpses of his two most important relationships.  (Josef is, as always, the main character).  Read Tonbo panel by panel, with DVD commentary, starting here.



Go into The Woods and down to the creek to learn where one of Kekionga’s most distinguished young citizens found her name and catch a glimpse of the distant past.  Read “Mushawasing”, starting here.


the Jessie Files

The two one page installments of The Jessie Files, co written with Jeff Lilly,  have now been posted here on Read a Story.  Learn more about the mysterious Jessie with a little help from Murph.  Click here for page 1.


Perpetual Motion

I just found out today that my little minicomic about the Other Place, Perpetual Motion, has been nominated for the 2013 SPACE Prize.  In honor of this, I have posted it here.

To see page 1 of Perpetual Motion, starring Bud and Josef, click on the “first” arrow under the current front page.  It’s the very first story on the site.